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Admission Requirements
Everything you need to know about making a booking for Fido

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Vaccinations, Tick and Flea Treatment, Deworming
Note : All vaccinations must be administered at least 14 days prior to visiting Zimzala.

We strive to provide our customers with peace of mind that their beloved dog/s will enjoy his/her stay in a disease free environment. Our facilities are proudly disease free and we ask your assistance to keep it that way.

Before acceptance of a reservation, guests must be up to date with their annual vaccinations and all dogs must be on an ongoing tick & flea treatment as well as deworming program.

A copy of the "up-to-date" Vaccination Certificate is required for our records and must be submitted in advance with the required documentation. Dog owners that prefer not to vaccinate their dogs annualy, have to provide us with a Titer test certificate that confirms their dog has sufficient disease immunity. Confirm with your local vet that the following vaccinations are up-to-date :

Vaccination   Description   Frequency
DHLPP (So called 5 in 1 - Vaccination)   Canine Distemper, Para influenza, Adenovirus Type 2, Parvovirus, Leptospirosis   Once every 12 months
Kennel Cough (Bordetella)   Vaccinate at least 2 weeks prior to visist to Zimzala   Once every 6 months
Rabies   Required by law   Once every 3 years

Image of Vaccination certificate for dogs

Image of a vaccination certificate as required by Zimzala

As a matter of course we expect your dog/s to be tick and flea- and worm- free. Should we find any traces of the afore mentioned we will immediately apply the necessary preventative remedial treatment for the owner's account. For more information on the various vaccinations for K9's click here.

Admission Restrictions

Note : To ensure maximum peace and harmony amongst all our K9 visitors, we have the following admission restrictions :.

1. Only well socialized dogs with good manners are welcome. Aggressive behaviour is not allowed.
2. By nature, we cannot accommodate dogs of the "Fighting" or "Bull-" breeds when our facilities are busy. However, we do make exceptions for dogs of the above breeds that have a long standing history with Zimzala or during our "low season", when our facilities can adequately cope with the special demands of these breeds.

Note : No paperwork - No reservation !

To reserve and secure a room for your best friend we require the following documentation to be completed timeously and returned to us in advance. It may also be faxed 086 558 7002 or e-mailed to

1. Zimzala Accommodation Agreement
2. Zimzala Check-In Form
3. Copy of your dog/s vaccination documents
4. Proof of 50% deposit payment

Upon receipt we will email you with a formal "Confirmation of Reservation" document which also serves as an estimate of the fees payable for Fido's stay.

Cancellation Policy

Note : Should you want to cancel your confirmed reservation, the following will apply

1. Cancel 5 weeks prior to commencement of reservation All deposit monies will be refunded less R50 administration fee
2. Cancel 21 days prior to commencement of reservation 70% of deposit monies will be refunded
3. Cancel 3 weeks prior to commencement of reservation All deposit monies will be forfeited