Max the Ridgeback @ Zimzala

About our Facilities@Zimzala
Great facilities for great dogs!

Accommodation comprises of 17 spacious and comfortable indoor rooms. The facilities are such that it is pleasantly cool, even during the hottest of summer days and comfortably warm on any given winters night.

Ten rooms lead onto a private grass run, each offering our guests the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and some through-the-fence-socializing when not out playing in our communal play paddocks. The private grass runs are all securely fenced.

All doors, leading to the outside areas, are closed and secured at night time. Each room comes furnished with an elevated bed. Extra blankets and heaters can be provided as and when required.

At bed time special canine calming music is played in the room areas. This helps to create a mood of calm and tranquility, treasured by all.

In addition, we have 2 thatched and separated private suites that opens onto a 1 250 sq. private, secure and lawned play paddock with ample shade trees and fresh water. Should you have dogs that treasures their privacy, this is the place for them !

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Exercise and Play Paddocks

The Zimzala exercise and play paddocks, with its manicured lawns set in our lush gardens, are a joy to behold. The paddocks are fully fenced and lie within the boundaries of Zimzala's secure perimeter fence. This offers safe play and exercise areas where all socialized dogs can run free, bark, chase balls and play to their hearts content.

Forest Walks

We have gated access to a pine forest, adjoining the Zimzala Estate property. Walks in the forest are filled with excitement, new strange smells and many chase worthy creatures. Forest walks are highly recommended for all dogs staying for a week or longer and a must for any dog of the Gundog or Hound family. This is an additional service we provide and needs to be booked in advance.

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