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We offer a wide range of services for your convenience

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Exercise and Play

The absolute highlight of every dog and puppy's stay at Zimzala are the daily, exercise and play sessions that takes place within our fenced and lawned paddocks. Well-socialized dogs, with stable temperaments are allowed the opportunity to play and mingle with other guests for as long as they desire.

During these play sessions, dogs will do what dogs do best i.e. chase balls, sniff bums, soak in a water through, chase each others tails or just chat with one another.

Any dog that displays aggressive behaviour towards other guests will be separated and allowed to play in their own fenced paddock as and when required.

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Doggy Day Care

We offer a Dog and Puppy Day Care service. Treat your best friend to a day of play and socialization, thus enabling you and your dogs to enjoy a calm, quiet and content evening at home, knowing that all their exercise and social needs have been met.

We also assist new owners with young puppies (older than 12 weeks), helping them and their pup/s to cope with the first crucial and difficult weeks when owners are not at home during day time.

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Room Service

Housekeeping is our priority. Only the highest standards of health and hygiene are up-held with regards to cleaning of rooms, handling of food/water bowls and the management of all bedding material. The rooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis. Our facilities are flea free and we aim to keep it that way - Please assist us in this regard!

Note: Doggy owners are welcome to provide their dog/s own pillows and blankets, provided it is clean and shown to be parasite free. Dog owners are responsible for the replacement cost of any Zimzala bedding and mattresses that are damaged by them during their stay.

Forest Walks
This service is available on- or off-leash, depending on the dogs' temperament and recall ability. It is an extra service offered, and does not replace the usual daily exercise sessions that are included within the normal boarding rates. All forest walks must be booked in advance. (See Rates page for details).

Food & Diet
Owners are requested to supply all food relevant to their dog's diet, for the full duration of their stay. All dogs are fed twice daily and puppies (5 months and younger), three times a day. We do have the necessary facilities to store specially prepared foods, treats and frozen meals. We can also reheat and serve as per instruction. We take special care to ensure that guests eat their food. Should this requires hand feeding, then it shall be done. It is our priority that your pet remains happy and healthy.

We are able to supply premium Dog Food (Fish4Dogs and/or Doggobone Raw) or K9 Cooked Meals when required and on request.

In the event of guests becoming ill and thus requiring a special diet, this will be supplied. Immediate and appropriate care will be administered as and when deemed necessary. (See Accommodation Agreement for details).

Pains & Pampering
We will gladly administer all required medication and special care as per your instructions. In the event of an emergency our local vet is available to deal with the situation. No illness or condition will go unattended, nor shall any dog be allowed to pine away.

For all after hours emergencies we will utilize Tygerberg Animal Hospital

Grooming - Wash & Brush
We render an in-house wash & brush service. Whilst Fido may not like it, we love it!! A wash and brush can be arranged on request. (Consult our Rates page for detail).

De-worming, Tick & Flea treatment
All guests should be on an on going de-worming, tick and flea treatment program. If a top-up is due during their period of stay, this can be arranged. However, due to the high incidence of ticks in our area it is recommended that the treatment be administered before arriving at or facilities. If a dog does show any signs of parasite infestation, immediate and appropriate action will be taken.

K9 Boot camp & Obedience Training
At your request, we can provide individual and all inclusive training services ranging from basic obedience, agility and field work whilst your dog or dogs are staying over. For more information follow the link to our K9 Training Web pages.

Transfer Services
We offer a collection and delivery service to K9 hotel guests. If you do want to make use of this service, please ensure to tick the relevant box when making a reservation. (Consult our Rates page for detail)